Annnnd I’m back….Again…

I won’t bore you with an update of my life, nor a promise of consistent posts or even content that you will want to see. We all know I am anything but consistent when it comes to this blog, that I pay for, and do not use. At this point, it’s been so long since I last blogged I may as well start from scratch.

Welcome or welcome back to my little corner of the internet. Where I plan to share the little bits of me with the world and hopefully not embarrass myself along the way.

I will say that since my last post in April 2020 I have continued on the book reading, my goal last year was 50 books and I was just short by four! I was so proud of myself considering I had a few months where I didn’t read anything at all. This year I have set it to 50 again with the hope that I will achieve it and maybe even pass it. So far as of today, I am eight books in!

And, I did read Girl, Woman, Other after that post. It is one of my favorite books and I plan on doing a whole heap of belated reviews. Thankfully I kept a reading journal and annotate my books, so I will be able to recall alllll the feels when I make my review posts.

So to kick off the 2022 posts I will share my reading goals for the year:

  • Borrow more books than I buy, use the library and only buy the books I love
  • Read 50 books in the year
  • Read one Non-Fiction book per month/ 12 in the year (I wont be strict on the one per month rule)
  • Read before bed to wind down
  • Use Storygraph to track my reading
  • Fill in my book journal at least once a week and review each book & take notes as much as you can.

Should be doable…

I have of course joined MANY year-long readathons and challenges… “Hi my name is Marteen and I’m addicted to readathons”

I am taking part in the following:

  • Buzzword Reading Challenge by Books and Lala – announcement video (here)
  • Popsugar Reading Challenge – link to post (here)
  • The Avengers Reading Challenge – Instagram page (here)
  • Pondathon II –
  • Disney Lovers Readathon – Instagram page (here)

I *think* that’s all of them…this does not count the monthly ones that I add on top and book clubs or buddy reads 🙃