6 Months In…

We have reached June 2016, it’s 10 days until my 29th birthday (welp!). So what have i achieved since January then?

Very little it seems:

– My room is still in chaos, I even had a mini hoarding intervention were 3 black bags full of paperwork and unopened mail were removed from my room. I feel a lot better for it but the tops of my draws is still a mess. Mainly because i have a whole load of necklaces on there that need a home. So if you have any ideas for necklace storage please let me know…

– I seemed to have accumulated more weight instead of losing it…the sight of my belly some days really does upset me but in saying that i heave been more vigilant and planning healthy meals thanks to the Fit Girls Guide. I started the 28 Day Jumpstart, got to week 2 but wasn’t prepared food shopping wise and fell off, I have since jumped back on the eating plan and just need to pick up again on the exercise. (Flaky)

– I had been going on daily walks but have fallen back into the trap of hitting snooze on the alarm clock instead of bolting out of bed when i hear it (Flaky, Flaky). I am going to move my phone so it is away from my bed and have my gym kit ready from the night before, the quicker i get back on the fitness and walking the better! I have however stuck to my weekly walks with my best friend from West End to Camden where we stop at Sainsbury’s to do our weekly shop. She is very good at keeping me on track and helping me to eat more fish too AND save money by shopping smarter. Thanks K 🙂

– I am still not the most organised but found it was partly down to not using a paper diary. I am a very visual person and have the memory of a very famous blue fish. So I need to have things written down in front of me so I am able to just tick them off one by one. I bought a couple diaries for 2016, the problem is I am not in love with them the way i was my Erin Condren planner so i found myself leaving them at home everyday and not using them at all. Up to now i cannot tell you where they are! I then re-discovered Bullet Journaling and decided to give that another go. So far its working out for me, especially because i can make each page exactly how i want it and I’m not constricted by any pre-designed boxes. I will do a separate Bullet Journal post when mine looks decent enough for pics. But again I am not in love with the notebook so while i hunt for the perfect one I am pushing on to keep on using it.

In hindsight I’ve made little progress, my room is clearer and especially so once I get all our washing done! I am planning more and staying on top of things using my BuJo and I am trying to eat healthily and exercise more…Little progress is better than no progress right?



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