Welcome 2016…

Hello my lovelies…Happy New Year!!!

It’s 3rd January 2016 and I have spent the evening reviewing the past year and planning for the next.

I have decided that 2016 is the year that I leave the days of depression behind me and become unapologetically happy. People are going to have to get used to hearing the word ‘no’ leaving my mouth more often as I am not staying in the habit of pleasing everyone else any more. If it doesn’t sit well with my spirit or I genuinely don’t want to do it for whatever reason I may have, I’m not going to…I am also going to get more organised (I know that same old tune! You’ve said it how many times now Marteen?!) not so much on the blog as I feel that that is one of the last things that will get sorted, my life is in need of serious organisation from and everyday routine for both myself and my daughter, to exercise and healthy eating plans that i will stick to, from hair regimens to styling my wardrobe and really dressing and looking how I want to, to tidying my room (the clutter is unreal) and the most important planning of all…Planning the continued success of Scratch&Pout.

To kickstart this planning frenzy I quickly jotted down my 2016 goals and the brain has started ticking as to how I am going to complete every single one. So for now I have paper all over my bed in various piles for the different aspects of life I am in the process of planning. I also need to be consistent with things, my personality is a bit flaky. I say I am going to do something or get an idea and a few weeks in I’ve abandoned it (Not Cool).

I am quite excited for the year ahead and if my mind is in a better place I’m sure I will be blogging more often too.

Wish me luck!!




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