What I’m In2…

Hello…long time no speak…

So today’s post is going to be a peak into my iTunes library and a quick look at my fave song of the moment, and old skool tune that i really miss.


So my song of the moment is from WSTRN, a trio from the West side of London made up of Akelle Charles, Haile and Louis Rei. I have had their debut single In2 on repeat since my cousin showed me about it a couple months back, pre-ordered it on iTunes as soon as it was available and now am the happy owner of this BANGER!! They have been so successful they have knocked Adele’s terrific comeback single Hello  off the number 1 spot! In2 can be purchased from iTunes for 99p here or stream it, just get playing so we can keep them at number 1!! I wish them every success! Their official video is below have a listen and enjoy.

The song I really miss at the moment and wish music could somewhat go back to is Fat Joe ft Ashanti – Whats Love? I LOVED THIS SONG!!! and secretly fancied Fat Joe too haha…

What songs do you miss? Are you feeling our West London Boys? Let me know!!


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