Hey Hey Hey!!!

I have been saying for the past few months “I must blog, I must blog, I must blog”. Even had convos with my little sister Casey who is on a roll with her blog, (which can be found here) about how you have to plan your posts etc. But yet here I am without a blog post in how many months? 7!!!! I’m outraged!

Anyway, I had a little thought and said to myself that not all posts need to be text heavy, sometimes just a pic here and there…

Today’s post is about my pedi. I got my nails done yesterday by my lovely nail tech in a smokey purple colour, matte too, perfect for the vampy season we have now entered. So it’s only right my pedicure matches right. Whilst going through my nail polishes and sorting into my nice new wooden boxes I came across shades I haven’t used in forever and some NOT ONCE!!! I ran downstairs and coated my toes in last years fave shade Luxedo by Essie.

Tuxedo by Essie
Luxedo by Essie

The brush is the perfect width to do three strokes for even coverage and completely opaque in two coats. Luxedo is described as a deep plum purple nail polish, it is the darkest purple I have ever seen, people often ask me why i am wearing black polish (like black is a bad colour to wear *side eye*). This was touch dry within 5 minutes. I love it and think its such a shame that it’s so cold and i don’t have the nicest toes for me to show them off but i will bless you with a pic anyway lol.

My Toes


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