A Week on Insta…


Ah it finally worked!! A quick weekly recap of my fave Insta pics from last week, or maybe the week before it’s taken me so long to upload them.

1. My shameless toilet selfie – taken with my “Oh the lies you tell” not impressed face, I liked my make up that day…been practicing…

2. Nike Air Max Day!

3. Floss Gloss got me super excited with the release of Second Base, its such a pretty pink glitter that can be used alone or as a top coat. My order will be going through shortly so look out for it soon at Scratch&Pout!!

4. My Little brother and sister Raphael and Sophia came to stay at mine for the night. They make me so happy, they are such little nutters. Not feeling the 6am wake up call though…


6. My Essentials for the day…

7. The question i posted with the pic was – If I had this face 24/7 would you still love me?? Well would you?


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