On To Pastures New…

So I’ve finally got a plan to revive MacBook Diaries and have taken blogging on the road by downloading the WordPress app onto my iPad. I can now blog on my travels instead of waiting until I get home where I am distracted by a million and one things and remember just as I’m about to go to sleep “oh, I wanted to blog today”. So right now I am blogging on the train to/from work, at dance while I wait for my daughter, anywhere really.

To kickstart my new and improved more organised self I will make this post about planning. I feel like I drifted through last year, I had no real plans and didn’t achieve a single thing. My Plannerisms diary sat untouched for an entire year (an unsused notebook, now that makes me really sad). After talking to one of my long time friends one evening about goals and what we wanted to achieve she told me about the 101 in 1001 list that has been popping up on thousands of blogs over the past few years.

You basically make a list of 101 things you want to achieve in the next 1001 days (that’s a little over 2.5 years). The goals have to be realistic and  achievable and have some kind of time frame to them. I like the fact that you have 2.5 years to complete it as you can really plan big and have time to plan and save for any big expenditures. 

Marteen’s 101 in 1001 

Start date: 27th January 2015

Completion date: October 25th 2017

1. Complete 101 in 1,001 list (04 Feb 2015)

2. Take Jaelyn Horse riding

3. Find a business mentor 

4. Get finger tattoo

5. Read 33 books (One a month and keep a list)

6. Go on a make up course

7. Learn to cook Ox Tail

8. Start jogging, hopefully make it a habit and jog everyday

9. Make a new friend

10. Go on a ski holiday

11. Make a patchwork blanket

12. Open Scratch&Pout

13. Pass AAT level 4

14. Get a weave a dye it pink/purple ombré 

15. Get box braids/Havana twists

16. (Private)

17. Use budget diary every day for a year and keep track of spending.

18. Clear credit cards!

19. Take mum out for dinner

20. Go on a date

21. Start blogging regularly at least once a week

22. Get a penpal

23. Go to yoga at least once a month

24. Keep a daily journal

25. Fall in love

26. Bake with Jaelyn

27. Make 10 things off of Pinterest – keep a list

28. Go to the theatre

29. Ice skating at somerset House

30. Outdoor cinema

31. Drive in cinema

32. Have dinner at Duck & Waffle

33. Write a book review

34. Enter a Colour Run

35. 10 mins a day – Abs!

36. Make a meal in the Crockpot slow cooker

37. Make a scrapbook

38. Learn a new language (Portuguese or Dutch)

39. Go away for a weekend by myself

40. Go to a spa 

41. Find a church I enjoy

42. Put £10 away for each goal met

43. Go to a good Vintage store and buy something

44. Go back to ballet and Tap

45. Host a Masquerade Ball

46. (Private)

47. Get Veneers

48. Get tattoo for Jaelyn

49. Go on holiday just Jae and I

50. (Private)

51. Order something from Net-a-porter

52. Get a new car

53. Perfect the winged eyeliner

54. Learn to use my eyeshadows properly and use different colours

55. Go to Paris

56. Visit Anne Frank Museum

57. Go to Cochella

58. Go to Glastonbury Festival

59. Host a games/movie night at mine

60. Make a vlog

61. Watch a sunrise with someone

62. Volunteer

63. Give to the charity Water Aid

64. Enter a new relationship

65. Go to Wireless Festival for the WHOLE weekend

66. Clear my room

67. Get the perfect storage for my make up

68. Lose weight by June 2015

69. Have an evening/night out with my sisters

70. Print photos for photo album

71. Document each completed task on my blog

72. Get a facial (14 Feb 2015)

73. Have a tech free weekend (oh the anxiety)

74. Go on a picnic

75. Go to a museum I have never been to before

76. Have a day out with Marley

77. Get branding done for Scratch&Pout

78. Get a “Marteen” Necklace

79. Buy a digital camera in time for holiday

80. Buy a Tiffany Necklace to match bracelet

81. Have an Inspiration Board 

82. Cook a new recipe each week and track

83. Go to midnight mass on Christmas Eve

84. Take a pole dancing class

85. Wake up at 6am everyday (make it a habit)

86. Practice yoga and meditation three times a week at home (more if it becomes a habit)

87. Go to bed by 10pm every night

88. Get a pedicure

89. Watch the entire Games of Thrones series

90. See my Daddy more often, at least once a month

91. Get a new address book since i lost mine and log family and friends addresses and birthdays

92. Buy a lottery ticket on rollover days

93. Wear matching underwear!!

94. Plan family event

95. Take God-Children out (One a month)

96. Start my blog/vlog series 

97. Watch a NBA game

98. Own a the Michael Kors watch i wanted from Florida

99. Make saving plan for Florida holiday and save

100. Do a mummy and daughter photoshoot

101. Make another 101 in 1001 days list!!

I love my list, some are big events, some small and meaningless to another person but each of them gives me something to look forward to. I will update my list as each task is completed. Will you be doing a list of your own? If so, let me know I’d love to see it. 


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