It’s safe to say…

…I completely flopped since my last post.

2014…it’s almost over and i believe i have achieved nothing, completely wasted my year…

Still not passed my AAT level 4, Still overweight and often reminded of that fact, still single 😦

This year was another roller coaster, this time in the terms of deaths, my Grandad who had been ill for a very long time sadly passed away in April and unexpectedly my Great-Aunt died last month. Not to say everything was doom and gloom for the whole year, far from it, but at the time when i had originally planned to take my exams we had to deal with Grandad. So i am now behind schedule and it’s a weight i need to shift… I have no boyfriend, was seeing someone but thats fizzled out a bit and we’re clashing a lot of late (Thats material for another post), so now i’m just lonely.

I decided after doing something i’m not proud of off the back of being lonely and getting a serious wake up call that it was time i sorted out my life. ON A REALS!

So I am trying to stay focussed by doing the following:

No.1 – I have stepped my fitness up a notch, I need to lose this belly especially before June next year! I have a hen do in Tenerife with a lot of sexy ladies and i refuse to be Miss Piggy trying to keep up with them hiding from the camera’s and avoiding the pools.

No.2 – As of Jan i will have my revision timetable and exams booked (One a month) and will pass AAT Level 4 by August, that includes my project, no more lessons just straight revision but i will go into college as if i had a class so the teachers can help me should i need any.

No.3 – Be Happy! I’m sick of being down, I’m trying my best to keep positive, think positively and act positively. I also encourage everyone around me to do the same and chase their dreams, if you’re thinking or acting in a negative way i cannot have you around me, i’m sorry but I don’t need you dragging me down.

No.4 – I need a hobby/hobbies! seriously! still trying to find my passion, I love everything hair and beauty and especially more on the hair side now i’m wearing mine curly and have a curly haired 5 year old daughter too. BUT i need to turn this hobby into some kind of business…do something i love…I enjoy accounting but its repetitive and locks me to a desk. Not sure thats me to be honest, but i don’t want all my studying to go to waste so the sooner i can work for myself and mix things up the better.

No.5 – Save some money!

I’ve now lost my trail of thought for this post so leaving it here, gonna hang up clothes and plan my next post…

See ya!!


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