I have a new obsession…

…in Filofaxes!!!

Is it weird that instead of revising, you know doing something productive, I am filling out my diary, planning using my Plannerisms diary (waiting for my Filofax to be delivered) and trolling through Blogs and YT videos of other peoples Filofaxes???

Its like Filofax porn, I dont even know what I get out of it but I cant get enough, its like the “Whats In My Handbag” tag I LOVE it! I’m so nosey and end up seeing things that I want and have to add to my wishlist (Alexander Wang Handbag). All the stickers, post-its, wallets, pretty inserts, how organised their lives seem to be I WANT IT ALL!!! Especially the organised bit. So as I wait patiently for my Filo to arrive I will continue to drool over everyone else’s and get ideas for my set up. I already know I will be using it to keep track of my finances.

Shhhhh Do Not Disturb!!!


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