I’m Back (Again!)

I Wrote this post a couple nights ago but WordPress was being silly and not saving my draft or letting me preview it, kmt cha

***Original Post***

So after the longest break ever suffering from major writers block I have decided to say Fuck it and give my blog another go and the full attention it deserves. I had neglected it for a number of reasons:-

  • I didn’t think anyone was interested (still don’t to be honest, but I will blog anyway…)
  • I didn’t feel I could blog about what I really wanted to without there being some kind of backlash or negativity
  • As a result of the above I had major writers block, Plinky Prompts couldn’t even get me going!!!
  • I lacked and still do lack passion and feel blah, I have yet to find it for anything…is this depression?

But one day with a hefty Tax rebate cheque and some savings I trotted down to the Apple store on Regents street after college and bought myself my new baby (another MacBook Pro) as I knew I would never get my previous one back, damn teefin bastard. That was one of the happiest days of my life, I was like a kid at Christmas when I got home and took it out the box…I haven’t named it yet, I thought of one name but in my current situation its best I don’t call it that, might end up getting vex and breaking the screen or some shit.


Speaking of Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! I hope you all had an amazing day full of food (notice how I put that first?), family, laughter and love. I can honestly say I am Rich and spoilt with love by the amazing family I spent my Christmas with. Love each and every one of you; the day wouldn’t feel the same without you. We spent the day eating, I swear I hardly left the kitchen, that diet plan my best friend sent me is a must when this holiday season is over! My pudding had an amazing day dressed up as princess Jasmine and as usual SPOILT! I have no room to store her new things. But as I’m a hoarder I think it is wise for someone else i.e. my mother to come and clear out my room a bit. I will put my feet up and watch some YT vids til she’s done.

So what’s new since my last post?

 As I didn’t think to read the last one before I started typing and cant be asked to hit save I may repeat myself but here it goes:

  1. I have started AAT Level 4 – This year is a MADNESS! I’m dreading doing ACCA, I sat my Financial statements exam end of Nov beginning of Dec and I just know I’ve failed and what’s really annoying about level 4 is you don’t find out your results instantly like the last two levels, you have to wait 6 weeks!!! Now we’re doing Personal Tax, I’ve been told it’s really hard so I need to step up my game when it comes to revision and keep that ish in my head.
  2. I have now been in my current job for one year and 2 months 🙂 How exciting! I love going into work, and this Christmas I received a really nice card from my boss, not your box standard “Merry Christmas, great team member” but a note that was personal to me. Just lets me know that my hard work is noticed and appreciated and encourages me to do even better when I go in tomorrow and the next day. I can honestly say I LOVE my work!!
  3. I now have a cat! Her name is Molly, a silver tabby born in April, she’s so lovely and pretty. She has a sister called Milly I call her Milly the mampee because she’s huge compared to Molly. She also lives with us but she’s my mum’s cat…ha ha…Molly is currently grooming herself on her special pillow on my bed, I wish she’d do this somewhere else gosh!
  4. I have a weave!
  5. I’m single, I wont go into the fuckrey and bore you with details but people are fucked up in their ways and all I can say is Karma is a bitch. I’m now going to treat people how they have treated me in this situation which is “See and blind, Hear and deaf” and karma I pray and touch wood you don’t make any of that mans wrong doings come back on my child because she deserves better, when you ready to come back around just put it on him and only him don’t put it on my baby. My close family and friends took the break up and the shocking news after worse than I did, Lord knows they’re completely pissed with the situation. I was too but I have one of those personalities where I just let it go (kinda or act like I let it go) and get on with things, try not to dwell or talk about it over and over #ThatsTheShitIDontLike
  6. I’m planning on going to Amsterdam again…
  7. Yoga has been my saviour these past couple of weeks I cant wait to go back when these holidays are over. It’s a great way for me to de-stress and it’s great for your posture too apparently so that’s an added bonus right there.
  8. I have started a journal! Have no clue how to keep one and don’t write in it everyday, only have one entry so far from a night when I was really upset and couldn’t sleep. Once that pen hit the paper and I got it all out I got to sleep no problems. Very therapeutic I just hope no one ever invades my privacy and reads it!!
  9. I’m addicted to the game Candy Crush on iPhone, I was stuck on level 35 for days probably 2 weeks but I finally passed it! wooohoooo now onto the next chapter of the game, if people would hurry up and send me tickets I have 1 of 3 Cha.
  10. I’m looking forward to 2013, I’m hoping it will be a year with no dramas or unnecessary headache, the only things allowed to stress me out are my exams, because passing or failing is all down to me. Everything and everyone else can kibbar. If you’re about that drama, please leave it at the door and do not approach me with that ish. I’m concentrating on Jae and myself   – that’s it

So after this post I plan to keep up with the blogging, I need to think and plan good post subjects and post often. I’m still into all that beauty stuff and fashion so no doubt you will get those posts. I’m going to try and remain free and speak what’s on my mind obviously without offending people but as the saying goes “Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter”. I think that’s enough rambling for the night, I’m going to go and look on other peoples blogs for inspiration, might even watch a film.


How was your Christmas? Are you making any resolutions for next year? Do you do yoga, if so do you find it beneficial? Anyone keep a journal? Have you got any tips?

 Actually, I’ve just seen its 02.47am I’m going to my bed!! Good night all xxx


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