So Whats New??

Hey, Hey!!!

Soooooo I have been M.I.A AGAIN no excuse really other than I am SUPER tired when I get home from my new job and cant even be asked to eat let alone sit infront my laptop screen. Me and Jae are both getting used to this full time stuff, going from doing nothing with most of our days to at work/nursery from 8am til 6pm it took a couple weeks to get used to.

I have had the luxury of sitting in bed for the past four days with a serious sore throat otherwise known as Tonsilitis, its the most pain I have felt in a while, I couldnt talk, cough, laugh, burp or even swallow. Now the Penecilin is kicking in and i can shout at Jae with ease, kinda. (Not happy that I had to take off two days at work , especially as I am still new to the business)

In saying that I have been back at work as an Accounts Assistant for 6 weeks now and I absolutely love it! I get into work early everyday with breakfast and am thrilled that I now have something to do with my days. Not only that but now that I have a wage I can finally start paying for my trip to Jamaica!!! *Cheesy Grin*

It was Jae’s Christening a couple weeks back, I am truly grateful to everyone that attended all my family and friends that came out for her special day. I saw friends I hadn’t seen in years and all (most) of my family all in one place. It was such a nice day Thank You soooo much!

Rhondel has been fixed!!! I heard his harmonious burst of energy when my OH turned him on, now I just have to patiently wait for OH to either get his fixed or buy a new one until i get him back…tick tock tick tock its been a cold 5 months without my baby in his assigned space on my draws, I’m going to get him a shelf this weekend from IKEA so he has a nice new home when he returns.

I have an iPhone 4S! Black 32gb I love it…

I’m feeling slightly blah of late, dont know how to explain it but its like I dont have an identity there is nothing that sets me apart from anyone, I kind of just drift with life, I dont stand for anything, I dont have hobbies (as much as I try to create), I dont have a strong character, I feel 1 dimensional…Do you ever feel like that? Is anyone even reading to this part of the post?? I suspect most people will have given up after the first paragraph…See I dont even have enough character to keep someones attention to read my blog!!!!

LMAO i will shut up, rant over for now…I may collect my thoughts and right a full post about it…


2 thoughts on “So Whats New??

    1. Hi Lauren, apologies for going MIA! I have had so much going on I lost my mojo to blog and didnt think anyone read it that my lack of posts would even be noticed…Hey you have just gave me a new lease of life!!

      Maybe I should do a catch up post and blog more often, I can tell you how whiney my 3 year old has been of late! *rolls eyes*

      Thank You for reading my blog, it means the world to me! xxx

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