Sunday 25th September 2011

Today is my little (big) brother Antoine’s 21st Birthday, he’s gone off celebrating with his boys while I’m sitting in bed with lil madam chattin my ears off. I hope he has a wonderful time and gets SMASHED! lol. As part one of the celebrations we went to Aroma which is a chinese restaurant in Wood Green. Can you imagine they tried to charge me £7 for my 2 year old to eat?!?! Are they on crack??? And its not even like they charge by age, they charge by height, like your height is a direct correlation to the amount of food you eat. KMT. She ate for free thats for damn sure!!!

Whilst getting ready to leave I receive some news I have been hoping to hear and by the end of this week I may be able to shout it from the roof tops. So keep your fingers crossed for me pleeeeeeease!!

Thursday I bought my 8 college text books it came to near enough £55!!! That really hurt me to spend that money, especially when I could have used it to buy my invitations(-_-) KMT this I realised after I had already bought them.

I looked up my car, well the car I want anyway so I know roughly how much I need to save when I eventually do and my insurance will be nice and cheap too!! And yes I am fully aware that I have not passed my test yet but I am preparing for my future so it doesnt hurt to start saving from now.

I need to wash my face and go to bed, Chatty Mout is finally sleeping and part two of the celebrations are still to come!!! Chat to ya soon! xx


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