Nattering Nutter

I dont like the title of this post anymore,think im gonna change it, I dont like refering to myself as a nutter I am many things but a nutter i am NOT.

Yesterday was my first day back at college Level 3 Accounting, I was more than happy to go back as it gives me something to concentrate on until I find a job and occupy the rest of my weekdays. I had a great day, we dived straight back into work and it looks like level 3 will be a hard one. After i purchase my 8 textbooks I will get stuck in, have NO social life and revise, revise, revise as I aim to pass all my exams first time again. Speaking of passing my certificate for level 2 came in the post today, I was sooo happy when I opened it and felt a real sense of achievement.

Today is my big sister Nicole’s Birthday and we will be off out to dinner tonight to celebrate. I cant wait I had a peek at the menu and the food looks yummy, although I have been told nothing over 700 calories (-_-). It will be nice to see all of my family, I dont get to see them often.

Believe I have my dress on backwards, I didnt even realise the tag when I put it on…lmao The Shame!!!! I’m off to start getting ready See Ya xx


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