Jazz up The Wardrobe…

The image above is the epitome of what I want to look like, the burst of colours even the berry coloured lips,I want it, I need it, I MUST HAVE IT!!!! As you all know I have been trying to change up my wardrobe for a while now and hopefully will find a job soon to fund my new hobby of shopping (online of course), but until then I will plan. As the season has changed to Autumn and soon Winter I have decided this season I will induce some colour and try to avoid my usual uniform of denim and black. So whats hot this Autumn/Winter???

According to Millionlooks.com the following colour trends will be big this season…

1. Soft Colours

Choose any colours you like but opt for the softer shades rather than the flashy bold ones we tend to wear in the Summer. Examples they use include lavender, cantaloupe, spindrift or honeydew. I have no clue what these colours are…*toddles off to google* No I still have no clue on a few of them…

2. Mood Improving Bright Details

If the soft shades are too boring for you they suggest adding bright pieces to your outfit. Bright accessories such as scarfs, bags and hats are a great way to go about it. Choose ONE vibrant item to make that the focus of your look. I love the girl aboves hair, so bold her mood must be on a permanent high. Yellow, Orange and Magenta are the reccommendations they give on the site.

3. Burgandy

They say:

If you want color but believe orange, lemon and magenta are too much for you try burgundy. It looks good on almost anyone and adds glamour to the appearance. This color is luxurious and there is hardly a way to spoil your look with it.

I have seen on another site (cant remember which one) that wine colours are big this season and I have already eyed up a skirt in Topshop of the same kind of reds. Grape can also be an alternative for those who don’t like burgandy.

4. Shiny Colours

For special events, but keep the “rules” of wearing sparkling clothing in mind to stay stylish. If anyone knows what these are please comment below as I have NO clue.

5. Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue is known as a safe colour, safe for office, party, shopping, EVERYTHING.

6. Neutral Colours

They Say-

These colors are always fashionable and designers seem to never get tired of creating pieces in neutral hues. It’s simple: neutrals can stay with you forever, they are versatile and can be easily combined with other pieces, both neutral or bright.

Black, White and Stone colours are perfect for this trend.

7. Prints

Prints will play a huge role this season as it will jazz up the monotone scheme and leave you plenty of room for experiment. Most of the time it is safer to have a print piece worn with a monotone one but if you are confident in your styling, as Millionlooks.com says Go For It!!! Im not confident at all LOL!

I’m definitely going to take these pointers into consideration when shopping for my AW wardrobe, and I hope you enjoyed my lengthy post. Ciao for now.

To see the original article along with pics straight off the catwalk click on any of the links above.

All images taken from Tumblr and Weheartit.com

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