In Love with all things Ombre

I originally wrote this post in May, but wanted to wait until I done some the things in the post before I posted it…well its now September and I have yet to do any! But i will still share with you my new addiction or thing that I am lusting after.

*Original Post*

I have a new addiction in the form of Ombre…(I dont know how to get the accent above the e) Although Ombre is an old trend from last year I have only now fallen in love with it and what kicked me off…my kryptonite Nail polish!!!

Firstly I saw a Tweet about Ombre nails, I followed the link, saw the step-by-step guide and thought I HAVE to try this. That is after I go out and get myself a white nail polish. (I’ve had white polish since May and still havent done it (-_-)) The picture above looks as though they have on different shades of blue but following the steps below I will achieve something like the picture below.

Anyway…Below is the step by step guide on how to achieve Ombre nails…

  1. Start with four little paper plates and toothpicks.
  2. Apply base coat on nails.
  3. Clean off an empty polish bottle brush with nail polish remover.
  4. Paint pinky the darkest color.
  5. Then apply a couple drops of the dark color on a plate and add one drop of white. Mix color together. Paint second nail.
  6. Allow each nail time to dry before applying second coat of color. Clean off polish brush each time.
  7. For third nail, use 2 drops of white mixed into the dark color. Paint nail.
  8. Continue adding more white to dark polish for each nail you paint, making the color more graduated as you go along.
  9. Finish with top coat.
They would look something like this:
Click Here for the original post on and an instructional video.
Whilst searching for those images I found another style of Ombre Nails, probably harder to do but I WILL learn dammit!!!
Whilst on my Ombre high I have moved onto hair and decided on a new hair style, yes it will include the look that looks like i have large roots and couldnt be asked to dye my hair again (sort of the look I’ve got right now) but it will also include a nice lucious weave. Sorry hubby but it has to be done I have to give my hair a rest unless you want me bald from breakage etc.
This pic of Raven Symone is what inspired me, she is the only black person that comes up in a google search with this hair look but I instantly fell in love!
I actually CANNOT wait!
Seriously I can’t wait and weaves are so expensive Gosh!!! Its alright fingers crossed I get a job soon and that will fund my new expensive taste lol

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