Once again I have found myself uninspired to write, I started my blog thinking of a million and one posts I would have to write but I often find myself with writers block. Whilst browsing through my favourite blogs every morning I notice mine doesn’t have a theme whether it be fashion, beauty, music or life itself. I have however started self improvement posts but as I havent even completed ONE of my tasks set I cannot update you on it. I dont want my blog to be specifically about that either…I guess I have to get finding my passion again…never did find it, it might just inspire me…


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One thought on “Uninspired

  1. Babe,
    I compleeeetely understand what you’re saying. I haven’t posted anything on my blog in the longest time, I’ve got people emailing me asking me if i’ve stopped blogging and I haven’t … it’s just I feel like sometimes the inspiration comes at a time when I can’t get to my blog or when realistically my blog is the least of my concerns and then when I have the time to invest … nothing comes ….

    So i feel ya hun xx Just don’t ever quit!

    Loving u xxx

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