.::Nattering Nutter 003::.

1. This week has been an emotional one…some highs and some real lows enough said.

2. I went SHOPPING!!! It was so nice to see something in a shop and be able to buy it. It was only Primark mind but beggers cant be choosers! I even got a suitcase in there, lets just hope it dont bust before i get to my destination. Got some good holiday bits too, need to try on the shorts though because of my increase in thighs and bum i got size 14, I hope they fit ok, hate the customer services queue.

3. I had a meeting with a man about a dog and it went really well! I’m so excited and happy about it, it’s unreal! All will be revealed in due time…

4. I had a VERY busy Saturday kicking off with a trip to Leyton for my girls baby shower/birthday bbq and then to Chingford for my cousins birthday. It was great seeing everyone and catching jokes. Jaelyn had a great day, running around with all the other little kids!

5. My Birthday is next Monday…what to do, what to do…

6. I am going to make myself a Maxi Skirt this week…and try to find wool to match Jaelyn’s unfinished snood. I seriously want a sewing machine, the thought of me sitting with a needle and thread is enough to make me give up before even starting. I will make a post about my experience.


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