.::Nattering Nutter 002::.

1. I Feel old!! Monday 23rd  was my baby’s 16th Birthday. Yes my not so little, little sister Taylor is 16!! *wipes tear* Where has the time gone, just the other day she was 3 dancing at my 11th birthday party with her paper plate in her hand. I have the Video evidence to prove it. She had a wonderful family gathering on Sunday where I got to see Aunties, Uncles and Grandad who I only get to see a few times in a year. Above is the birthday girl with her cake, that I didn’t get to eat because I hid it from Jae on a shelf and forgot about it! Grrrrrrr

2. Whilst nattering away with Miss Kaine King about YT, hair, the youth of today, make up, our YT channels, make up, how time flies, and more make up, we have decided to have a few girly dates and play you guessed it- make up! I actually cannot wait. she has also set me the challenge of using all my make up that is currently sitting pretty and unused in my train case. This will give me the opportunity to do some FOTD posts and show you my measly attempt and shoddy photography. But hopefully with time I will get better.

3. My Final exam for my Level 2 AAT has been set for the 14th June kmt day after my rass birthday, luckily I dont plan to be doing anything so all is well I will use the night to revise.

4. Sunday 29th was my families annual coach trip, this year we went to Margate. It was so nice to spend the day with everyone, had so many laughs and a night of dancing. We missed a fight when we went for a walk along Margates beach front (ah man) but we had fun, Jae went on the merry go round, Thomas the tank engine etc etc she had a whale of a time, even crashed out before we got back to the hall. I didn’t even take any pics. I will just have to steal someone else’s.


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