.::Nattering Nutter 001::.

Hi All! I have a lot to share with you as I havent been blogging much recently, I’m still struggling with my lack of inspiration and it shows!! Any who I have been looking at past posts and decided to maybe scrap the idea of some until:

  1. I have more interesting day-to-day encounters and a busier lifestyle
  2.  I learn to dress better and wear make up
  3. I get new camera because mine seems to take the most blurry yet ghastly close up pics which are really annoying.

enough rambles…the Muttering Nutter will replace my Rewind (insert day of the week here) as I said earlier i dont do enough with my day to condone such a post, instead I will combine my weeks important or interesting updates in one post. Much like Lilly at LLYMLRS and Shirley at Meek-n-Mild whos blogs I adore and totally stole the idea from, I will tell you about my goings on in there. Maybe on the ultra busy days that I just have to share I will do a Rewind…so on with the post…

1. For those who don’t already know I took my BAII (Basic Accounting) exam last week and passed!! Whoop Whoop! I was so happy when the lady in the exams office smiled from the printer accross the room, Lord knows I was shook because a few of those questions just threw me off like they were trying to trick us. It was nothing like the practice, but you cant fool me AAT!!! Not yet anyway lol.

2. I just get the best feeling ever when I sit back and watch Jaelyn playing and interacting with everyone, she has become a little social butterfly. I’m especially happy watching her sing nursery rhymes while doing the actions.

3. On my travels to college today i saw an abundance of hot messes, one wearing a crop top tied under her breasts with jeggings and flab hanging over the sides, front and back and the flattest bum ive ever seen. Her friend on the other hand looked decent and decided not to tell her how bad she looked…tut tut some friend you are!!!

4. My quest to better myself has started: I thought I’d start with the easiest one which is getting up early every morning between 5 and 7, but this has proved harder than anticipated. My eyes open at 6 every morning thanks to my alarm but after a couple of days trying I relapse and my body cannot move from my cosy, warm bed…MUST TRY HARDER!

5. I think going to give the Insanity workout a go, need to shift this weight!! It will also encourage the above point.

This post will publish on a Sunday every week without fail, I will now get started on Number 002 so my sieve brain doesn’t forget anything. Just thought i’d post this one first so its not so overcrowded 😮


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