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Looking at my blog it is becoming much like a struggling beauty blog with randoms thrown in, as much as I love and am addicted to all things beauty related I do not want my blog heading in that direction. I think there are enough blogs and YT’ers to give you all the info you need regarding specific items. I like the randomness and having a broad spectrum of topics I can cover in the one space I can call my own, where I make up the rules and everyone else has to like it or lump it. I guess the randomness reflects my personality too, Gemini’s are known to be cray cray…But where is this Cray cray personality of mine? Its lost and I have no clue how to get it back…I miss Marteen…

After being on the receiving end of a small ear bashing from his lordship today he advised me to research suggestions on how to better myself, this is something I have briefly looked into before but never acted upon. But as I am so uninspired with life at the moment and down most of the time I think this is the best thing. So I went over to Google and searched “how to better yourself” and came across an article. There are some amazing tips which I will be acting upon straight away, some I already do but not whole heartedly, I also need to change my way of thinking. I have written this before (not sure if it is on here) but I have a very negative outlook which I need to flip to positive. I have been taught( well not taught because I dont practice it) by a very inspirational woman called Naomi that if you think negatively or say negative things about yourself it will be released into the universe and come true. Sounds stupid but I think its true. You tell yourself you are ugly enough times eventually you will believe you are. Same goes with everything else in life.

There are 42 Practical ways to better yourself in the article, I will start with the easier ones naturally and start thinking about the harder more longterm tasks.

1. Read a book everyday-

The Author says- Books are concentrated sources of wisdom. The more books you read, the more wisdom you expose yourself to. What are some books you can start reading to enrich yourself? Some books I’ve read and found useful are Think and Grow Rich, Who Moved My Cheese, 7 Habits, The Science of Getting Rich and Living the 80/20 Way. I’ve heard positive reviews for The Tipping Point, Outliers and The Difference Maker, so I’ll be checking them out soon.

I can do this easy, but usually only when its a really gripping story that I cant stop thinking about, even dream about at night. Im still reading The Carrie Diaries, I know its been forever, 5months approximately, although I am enjoying it I havent picked it up in weeks. I know the books mentioned are self help but any book is good right?

2. Wake up early-

The Author says- Waking up early (say, 5-6am) has been acknowledged by many (Anthony Robbins, Robin Sharma, among other self-help gurus) to improve your productivity and your quality of life. I feel it’s because when you wake up early, your mindset is already set to continue the momentum and proactively live out the day. Seth recently wrote a waking up early series which you should check out to help cultivate this habit.

I have been doing this on the odd sequential days attempting to get both me and Jae in a routine for when I eventually find myself a job and to also get her in bed early so i can have some time to myself. But being the lazy uninspired bum I am after a day or two I often have a lie in. I have made a rule not to sleep past 10am which I have been sticking to but know its better for me to get up earlier and get myself ready before waking the little terror. I wake up at 6am on the days I have college and I feel great instead of the usual sluggish feeling I carry around with me. I will be giving this my all from now on and soon it will be second nature.

3. Start a journal-

The Author says- Start a journal. Journaling is a great way to gain better self-awareness. It’s a self-reflection process. As you write, clarify your thought process and read what you wrote from a third person’s perspective, you gain more insights about yourself. Your journal can be private or an online blog. I use my personal development blog as a personal journal too and I’ve learned a lot about myself through the past year of blogging.

I have already done this and advised a friend of mine to start one too, mine is kept private so only I can read it. I havent been writing in it everyday just to record anything that had been upsetting me of things I wanted to get off my chest and out of my head. I love it as I can write and release whatever it is I have to say and there not be any arguments, questions or problems. Most of what has been written is all internal demons I have been fighting with myself, but as of today I will write be using it everyday.

4. Start a personal development blog-

The Author says- Start a blog about personal development. To help others grow, you need to first be walking the talk. There are expectations of you, both from yourself and from others, which you have to uphold. I run The Personal Excellence Blog, where I share my personal journey and insights on how to live a better life. Readers look toward my articles to improve themselves, which enforces to me that I need to keep improving, for myself and for the people I’m reaching out to.

I wont start a new blog page but I will keep you all informed on how I am doing on here. It will include anything I feel is a good idea that you should try for yourself if you are interested in self improvement.

5. Meditate-

The Author says-Meditate. Meditation helps to calm you and be more conscious. I also realized that during the nights when I meditate (before I sleep), I need lesser sleep. The clutter clearing process is very liberating.

Whilst on my gym faze that had to stop due to lack of funds I really enjoyed yoga, I felt so relaxed and stretched out after class, I really miss it. I gave some meditation at home a go but I never know if im doing it correctly and all that self doubt kind of defeats the object. So I will give this one another go.

Those are the first five things I will be changing, one suggests cutting out TV errrrrm I very much doubt I’d be able to do that and I dont want to either lol. If you feel you want to join me on the journey of self improvement please read the full article by clicking the link below and let me know.

42 Practical Ways To Improve Yourself

(Images sourced from Google)


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