Face of The Day…

I decided today was the day I would open my Sleek Skin Revive Foundation Tester kit and find my matching foundation. Whilst browsing their website I came across these and thought it was an amazing idea to let me test them at home rather than buy a shade and find its too light or dark for my skin. Also im not a fan of  playing with testers in store, too many hands and bacteria! Anyway I guessed which colour would suit me best and done a little test on my jaw line to my surprise it matched perfectly! So i done my whole face…popped on concealer and done my eyes and blush as normal, but my question is this…Does it look like I have a ton of make up on? I dont think I do but after a while I will start to question this as I am not used to wearing so much make up. Its not the greatest picture either as it was taken with my laptops eye and Jae decided she HAD to be in it too!

My shade is Russet and now I have the rest of the testers to try when I get a tan and when my complexion goes all pasty yellow in the winter…I’ve heard this foundation isnt long wearing but we will see and as its medium coverage I will probably want something lighter for when summer kicks in! I hear MAC calling me Face & Body here I come!! The tester kits are available for £2.99 in 5 shades per kit which are 2ml each in the combinations Light, Light/Medium, Medium/Dark (mine) and Dark. For more information or to purchase click Here.

I shall be purchasing the full size bottle this week but I think my little 2ml tube will last a few days if not a week and a bit as I dont need a lot to cover my face. But at £7.30 I have no reason not to get it now, you can purchase full size bottles Here or at Superdrug stores. To be honest I think its the concealer that makes me think I look weird, im not used to the wide awake look im more on that zombie tip (dark circles). So if you see me on road and I look like i have literally painted my face let me know i’m new to this foundation malarky!


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