YT is a scary place…

Now I am not one for being mean. I’m actually all about spreading love and positivity (well try to be) and I am a very strong believer in the saying each to their own and embrace each others individuality but Fuck Me there is a limit!!! I dont even think i should talk too much on the matter I will let you see for yourself. Stay Fabuluss is a Beauty “Guru” and trust me guru is a very loose term to use for her, she has 30 videos in her uploads, each one is just shocking! If not by the semi offensive things she has said it is definitely by her appearance!

Below is her Exotic Leaf Tutorial…enjoy…feel free to try this look on your next night out…

Didn’t you just want to vomit every time she put the make up brush in her mouth to “clean” it? And why does she only have one after they only cost a dollar?!?

To any of you that have anything negative to say towards her she addresses all you HATERS below!


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