Proud To Be British

Friday was the day of the Royal Wedding (she says like everyone doesn’t already know) between Prince William and Kate Middleton, The new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. After getting irritated by everything on the TV as everything was Royal related the week prior I found myself convincingly telling friends “I cant wait for it to be over, I only want to see the dess”. Well little did i know that from 9.30 or 10am Friday morning as soon as my eyes opened they were GLUED to the tv screen! Even Jaelyn got a “Shut up!!!” every now and then. I missed the guests arriving at the church so I missed David and Victoria Beckham, Tara Palmer Tomkinson and Joss Stones arrival. I grinned from ear to ear when i saw the Princes William and Harry on their way to there church, they looked so handsome in their uniforms.

As for the dress! OMG I LOVE IT!!! I even cried as she got into the car, this is how wrapped up I was in the wedding. I absolutely love it, would gladly have a copy of it for my wedding, I bet there is going to be thousands! I particularly like the lace at the top, great way to cover the shoulders without the top part of the dress being to heavy. Pippa’s dress was equally as amazing, simple yet very sultry at the same time.

The little bridesmaids were absolutely adorable, again timeless dresses that will never go out of fashion.

And Finally the happy couple The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Just look at all that detail on the dress! Amazing craftsmanship!

I swear I didnt move from a TV until the kiss was done, I caught both of them and even conveniently found myself in front of another one to see them drive off for their honeymoon. For someone who wasnt interested i sure did do a lot of viewing!

This even brings tears to my eyes. R.I.P Princess Dianna xxx

Off the Subject of the wedding now…but still to do with Royalty, this pic made me laugh, its so sweet. The Queen looks so cute!!


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