Erm..I just realised…

…I have one eye bigger than the other, ok I know nothings symetrical on a human body BUT scrolling through recent pics i can see it even more, especially today…Gonna have to make sure i wear eyeliner on my top lid to try even it out.

Ho hum, never mind on my nails is the beloved OPI from their Texas range, and the colour is called Do You Think I’m Texy? *Marteen Winks*

I just love OPI, I get excited over their clever witty names, love the consistency of their polishes and the vast range and different shades you can get of any one colour. I used to buy at least 3 polishes at a time and have 2 boxes FULL of OPI polishes and I’m just getting started *can somebody say aaadict*. I somehow missed when they released matte polishes not sure if they are reeeally old but I must own their black matte its a MUST!! The pic below inspired my new infactuation with black matte…I WANT IT!!!!!!


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