This Months Ins & Outs

I haven’t done one of these since November it was supposed to be a monthly post (-_-) I promise to be more consistent with my posts.

Onto Aprils ins and outs!


The weather is amazing at the moment, very unusual for April but I’m enjoying every minute of it. Trips to the park or walks around the back roads near my house are becoming an everyday thing. My mood is often in correlation to the weather and for me there is nothing better than to wake up to a bright and sunny day. I tend to take care of myself more and spend more time on my appearance in the summer months plus it’s a chance to get the tan started so I’m halfway to golden by the time July hits and I fly out!

My newest addiction is Words With Friends I am always playing it, losing none the less but enjoying taking part. Well that’s when madam Jaelyn isn’t ending my games causing me to lose games I could have potentially won kmt. If anyone would like to have a few wins against me my username is Purplestarz. (I think)

Primark has got my broke self happy this summer, whilst browsing in there the other day when I couldn’t afford my beloved NL shoes (tear) I saw some lovely bits for my hols, I even picked up a double pack of sensitive face wipes for only £1. As I will only be using them to remove make up I thought it better I go cheap then spend around £20 for lets say some MAC ones.


Around my area we have an infestation of gypsy’s…now I don’t mean travellers like the kind off My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. I mean the ones that come around with a van tacking stuff from your front garden without permission.  I have seen one taking apart a TV with a screw driver and her buggy parked up ready to take what she could find. My friends training shoes were taken from his front porch and my neighbours garden table and chair was taken from his drive!!! Luckily his tenant saw them and managed to get them back. The day I see one ah dem in my front garden dey better run fast cos ah goin to have plenty bad word fi dem and nuff tings to dash! The bloody cheek of them!!!

Aquamarina cleanser by Lush, its too harsh for my skin now, my cheeks get all sore. Going to have to find a replacement.


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