I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, mainly because my life is uneventful or I dont think to document the good things that happen i.e meeting my friends new born son back in feb, my baby cousins birth last month or even my excursion to my dads in South with my sisters, brother and Jaelyn WITHOUT A BUGGY!! I know crazy right. My minds just a tad bit cluttered with God knows what. Anyway I was going to write this last night but I was sooo tired after formatting my posts so they were suitable for WordPress and putting most of the YT vids back in their posts I have to do it today. So here it goes…

★ These sexy things are the apple of my eye, I REALLY want a pair and at £20 there is absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t. I was disheartened yesterday whilst in New Look, I tried them on, saw how sexy they look on my feet, felt how comfy they are and make me the perfect height to wear when I am out with my hubby then remembered I have NO money. My beautiful shoes had to be left in the store, but with a quick calculation of what is coming in my account within the next week or so, fingers crossed I will be able to afford them. Nursery fees are killing me right now…

★ Primark has some fabulous bits in there, my mummy treated me to a dress, I may have to wear it before my holiday if the weather continues the way it has been. Jae got a few nice bits too including a kaftan!! LOL where is this 21 month old going in a kaftan?? Its gonna be so funny when she steps out the villa in her sun hat, sunglasses, kaftan and bikini underneath. I will be sure to take pics.

★ I am completely In love with Jhene Aiko particularly the song Stranger which I blogged yesterday. After spending hours trying to find a mediafire download of the song on Friday, I went to her website yesterday and got her whole album/mixtape within 5mins (-_-)…why didn’t I go there first??? I really like her album she has such a soulful, beautiful, soothing voice. This is my first time listening to the album and I havent skipped one track so far. I remember her featuring on B2K’s Pandemonium (I think) album with her track called Dog that song was ok, new material is more my thing. I used to just skip it to the end of the song to hear the secret B2K track. Download her Mixtape here its free.

★ After our trip to Wood green we came back home had a quick dinner and watched crappy Saturday tv. Britain’s Got Talent started yesterday, I must say I’m NOT impressed by what I have seen so far and dont get me started on that Mary woman, there is always one demented black person to go and embarrass us…lol and the female comedian who got an auditorium of silence as her punchline dropped. I had to laugh!!!! Actually its not that bad fingers crossed some real talent comes soon!!!

Not very eventful I got a few bits from Superdrug but they will probably feature in my next post…gotta make these things stretch seeing as I dont know what to blog about these days!


p.s. I need a signature to sign off my posts, have no clue how to make it, every time I try its crap lol. Anyone fancy making me one? I will pay you with love 😮


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