Yea Im Back….

Yea I know, I’m back to WordPress…I f’d up my blogger with that theme and couldn’t get rid of it and also got sick of the PurpleStarz business…So now I’m here on The MacBook Diaries (If you know how long I sat here trying to think of a new URL). Anyway thats the best I could come up with, it will do, I like it anyway. Hopefully inspiration will strike me and I will find something worth writing about, as much as I like beauty and buying make-up I dont want to write about it ALL the time. I am in no means a beauty blogger, I cant even put eyeshadow on and be happy let alone amazed like I am when I watch the ladies over on YT, lets just hope I find some soon. So for now I am going to move all my posts over and find a nice theme for my new blog.

See Ya!! xoxo


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