Dem ah bleach fi look like a brownin…

So anyone who follows me @MarteenStarz on Twitter will know as of late I have been appaulled with the amount of people I have seen with bleached out skin and cant for the life of me understand how you could blindly damage it in such a way to end up with the end result of looking ill, sore and down right ugly! I am fully aware that this has been going on for years as I have seen many Africans and Jamaicans (Not to say they are the only people who do it) walking around London with the yellowist faces and blackest knuckles. As I stare in bewilderment i wonder how on earth they are able to look at themselves in the mirror and be content with what they see.

There is a dad at my daughters play group, I refuse to talk to him or even say hello because I am repulsed by what he has done to himself, his skin looks weird, a jaundice yellow with red undertones almost like if you were to touch it, it would cause him great pain. I’ve seen a woman on the bus with a face as beige (maybe even lighter) as mine. I was looking at her because her face looked strange to me, so my eyes locked on for a few seconds longer than they should and she made the mistake of putting her hand to her face. Her hands were BLACK! Did she not think people would notice the contrast? In both cases their facial hair looks like its too dark for them which is what drew me to stare at them in the first place.

My upset reached its peak when I heard one of my favourite Dancehall artists Vybz Kartel (pictured above) had been bleaching and was even more distraught when I saw picture evidence. At first i refused to believe and said the picture had been photoshopped, I couldnt believe he would be so stupid and ignorant to put this stuff on him alas I see a video of him where his skin is remarkably lighter than before. *Marteen Vex* To make matters worse when I google searched him I came across a picture of his endorsed Cake Soap so others can acheive his look *DPMO I’m F’in Fumin*

Reading in an article I Re-Tweeted last week from Vibe Magazine I find his ignorance amusing, the fool tried to compare permanent, damaging bleaching to a white person getting a tan…is he for real?!?!?! Is he really that stupid and ignorant to come out with bullshit like that?? To be fair he has to find an excuse and be ignorant about it, he will feel shamed if he turns around and says he regrets the damage he has caused to his skin through vanity and blasted by his fans if he admits that he has a complex about his natural skin tone. He has already lost many fans who vouch to never play his music again and has fans disappointed with his choice to bleach. I myself will not go so far as to stop listening to his music as I think he is too much of a brilliant artist, I do however feel very sorry for him as he has ruined himself for some dumb fashion and self hate.

As I said before it is not only Jamaicans and Africans who bleach, I watched a programme on channel 4 I think (a long while ago) about Asian (India, Pakistan etc) women especially lightening their skin because it is in built in them to think that being darker skinned meant you were classed as dirt and less important than the fairer skinned people. I was really upset by this programme as it gave me an insight of peoples self hate due to other peoples ignorance. One woman bought illegal bleaching products over the counter at a shop near where she lived, she put it on her skin not knowing what chemicals were in it and it burnt her, scarred her for life so now she looks worse than she did when she had her natural darker skin. Other women on there were wearing foundation made for white peoples skin tone to make themselves appear fairer or wear the biggest hats possible in order to stay out of the sun to stop them from getting a tan. I was told to my astonishment a few days ago that even some Asian (Chinese, Japanese etc) bleach too!!! WTF?!?! WHAT FOR?!?!?

I truly believe we as people need to ditch these ignorant views on light and dark skin. Because I am fair in some eyes does not make me anymore important or of a better caliber than someone who is as black as the night. We need to teach our children the importance of self love and to be proud of their natural beauty. Because with role models like Vybz and Michael Jackson (R.I.P), I dont care what anyone says, he bleached, our children may grow up to also hate the skin they are in and think that being lighter means they are better. All this importance of skin tone and “Im a lighty” or “I only date light skin or mixed race girls” needs to stop! You are only fuelling the ignorance that pushes people to hate themselves and bleach. How can there be 3 friends one darker than the other 2, and one of the two light ones come out and say she doesn’t see the dark one on the same level as her and the other light one?!?!?!? WTF? Are you dumb?? How are you so ignorant to even think that shit let alone say out aloud to the person?!? Seriously educate your kids so they too don’t turn out like the above…

I am from a race where no two shades are the same, my skin tone is so unique there isnt even a foundation out for it! What is there not to love about that??


One thought on “Dem ah bleach fi look like a brownin…

  1. >looooool the title KILLED me!! "Dem ah bleach fi look like brownin" 100.Nah but seriously the issue is getting out of hand. Personally I don't care, each to their own, but what people don't realise is when you hate yourself to the point where you're willing to put bleach to strip your skin like wall paint, the problem is deeper than your skin colour . . . smh! fools

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