Sorry I have been away for a while Christmas and New Years was a very busy time for me that I didnt have much time to blog, that and the fact that my laptop is still playing di ass and not charging! *Angry Face* My time away has been spent shopping for gifts, wrapping those gifts, handing out those gifts, spending time with family and going back to college.
So Happy New Year all! I hope you had a fabulous and SAFE NYE celebrations and had the best start possible to the new year. I spent my NYE with my cousins at my aunty’s house, seeing as the adults being my Mum, Aunty and Uncle all got hot feet and went out, we were left at home babysitting lol…didnt mind it one bit! We played Michael Jackson Experience and Just Dance 1& 2 on the Wii and had a few drinks and laughs. It was lovely.
Glee’s Back on Tonight who is excited? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
As i’m back in college and my stalker is a good distance away from me for the next 3 weeks (hes in Jamaica), I am going to enjoy college even more. I have an exam tomorrow, I passed my mock again so I’m confident I will pass on the day (hopefully).
I dont usually make New Years resolutions because I never stick to them, so instead of NYR I shall make a few changes…
First off I am dieting…I have gotten fat and seeing as that is one of the first things my bf said when he got back home from his holiday it must really be showing. My friend recommended Slimming World, I have looked into it and there is a group just down the road from my house so I may give it a go.
Secondly with my eating healthy and dieting I will also exercise more, I have Pilates on a Monday, Yoga on a Saturday, if all goes well Zumba with my aunty and cousin on Thursday evenings. I also have a highly recommended video to follow every night (clears throat) to help lose the lbs.
Thirdly I am going to read more, I have already started this before the new year, Finishing Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and more recently The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. I am currently on The Carrie Diaries, going good so far, I just have to make time to snuggle with the book and not be distracted.
Fourthly, I am going to play around more with make-up, as a Christmas gift I was given Making Faces by Kevin Aucoin. I love this book and am really excited to try and replicate the looks instead of sticking to my usual gold and black eyeliner. I also have Face Forward (delivered today) so I can finally join @Nikkie20Six on her Face Forward journey on her YT Channel *smiles* That way I can learn movement etc and eventually practise on my mummy.
Now onto some other news, I got a sneak preview of D Tee In di Party vol 2 last night, My laptop nearly flew off my lap I was that excited…Trust me its going to be BIG!!!
If you haven’t got Vol 1 click the pic below and get it NOW!
I think I am stranger than most girls, I find shopping nower days really boring and the sales depressed me, not because I didn’t have money to spend quite the contrary, but the state of the shops were just off putting. They looked like step toe yards, clothes on the floor, people not acknowledging me with the buggy. In the end I just started running people over and called it a day. I did manage in the end to get my hand on a fabulous pair of RI Boots, every blogger has been raving about them and they are so worth the £45. They are so comfy and look so nice. Some fancy Brouges are next on my list. I might pick up a pair tomorrow with some nice new trousers!
I think thats enough rambling for today, Again Happy New Year!!!
Love Marts xx

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