Cant Think of A Catchy Title :o(

My Past Week

My laptop has been taken from me for repairs as Jaelyn broke my trackpad, my mums laptop for some reason hasn’t got Word installed on it properly and its pissin me right off!

My past week has been a great one in some aspects, not bothering with the negatives as they are out of my control and really I don’t have the time or the energy to concentrate on them. In saying that I have had a GREAT week! It started with the loveliest surprise at 1am Monday, I was rushing downstairs to get my laptop in order to  make a video call and all I could see was this head up close outside my front door. I started freaking out thinking someone was trying to break in, calling for my mum to quickly go and look out of her window. All the while the porch light is licking on and off with this persons movements. Mum came running back guessing its him…I thought to myself It cant be he’s abroad for another 2 weeks. I took another look and saw his eye!! I gasped, grinned and ran to the door like the speed of light, first question “What are you doing here??” lol. BEST SURPRISE EVER! I grinned like a Cheshire cat for the whole day. I didn’t make Pilates have to wait for the new year now *BBM sad face*

Tuesday was another great day, went college feeling positive about my 1st exam, Basic Costing…as usual Southgate College is not prepared for such occasions as there was no power in the class room just like the two weeks previous and then we were locked out of the exam because because the exam office hadn’t unlocked them yet.KMT. Alas I PASSED!! Whoop Whoop! Super happs :o) The next one is on the 11th Jan, it seems like I’m set to pass that one too but nothing a little revision cant certify hehe

Speed past Wednesday, Thursday and Friday wasn’t so interesting went to a Christmassy Sing & Play session with my princess, made xmas cards for her Daddy and Nana, had Pizza Hut with him.

I was aiming to go shopping on Saturday but you can guess what stopped me…that’s right SNOW…I ended up staying at home and having a snow fight and walk with my lil bro and lil Jae. I have pics but don’t know where the wire is for my phone, typical We had fun though! Shopping has been postponed until Tuesday, and I am NOT best pleased that I have to look after my brother until Wednesday. Great added stress!!!

In other news I have nearly finished Breaking Dawn, I reckon by tomorrow I’d be done. This one has had me hooked like a heroin addict and that was my fix. Its truly amazing and I CANNOT wait for the films to come out!

A Bit of A Lush Review

Love Lettuce
I was recommended this face mask for my sensitive skin after Catastrophe Cosmetic which I found to be quite harsh on my cheeks and couldn’t keep it on my face for more than 5 minutes. The smell was nice and it left my face feeling  refreshed and clean. Anyway back to Love Lettuce Lush says: 

All skin types can benefit from the deep cleansing goodness of Love Lettuce. Fuller’s earth and kaolin will act to draw dirt out and cleanse the pores, while almond oil and seaweed gel will soften

I cant wait to try this I have seen nothing but positive reviews so far. Not sure about how it looks though, its a very ugly green lol. This retails at £4.95 and as it is a fresh mask made from fresh ingredients with no preservatives it is good for about 3-4 weeks.

Lip Dip

As my lips are becoming extremely chapped in this weather I thought it be a good idea that I invest in a lip scrub. Lush says:

This sugary sweet lip scrub is a fizzy and luscious new way to keep lips smooth and tingly. Rowena wanted to use popping candy and sugar to scrub the lips, but she and Helen eventually settled on fizzing sherbet to make lips tingle; the Fairtrade sugar is finely granulated to gently scrub away rough skin.

I love this lip scrub and it tastes sooo good!! My lips were instantly soft to the touch with any chapped bits gone, it even passed the kiss test! :o)  Its regular retail price is £4.50 and only available for a limited time, I may buy another 2 just to stock up.


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