Day 23…

Something you crave for a lot…


This is my only addiction, I cant get of the rush you get from an ice cold Coke, especially a Mc Donalds one…mmmm they are the best!! 

What else do I crave for?

…New Things…

Whether it be for me or my princess, right now I just have to buy stuff whether it be a nice new nail polish for me or new make up or a new cardigan for Jae, I have to get it…I really should get my skates on with getting a new job because at this rate im not gonna have any money!! I think its just my boredom for now, im finding all these new places to shop…really need a job to occupy my time lol

These are my next 2 buys…My lips are chapped as hell!! This winter is already taking its toll on me :o(

While googling Lip Service this pic came up, I thought it was a pretty way to show you what my lips nearly look like, so instead of candy think of chapped dryness…I’m taking my trip to Lush this week!!


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