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…The pic has absolutely nothing to do with anything, I just liked it…

Smiletone popped up in my recommended vids today, his sunglasses and bright effects on the video snapshot caught my eye so I clicked to see what hes about…Well let me tell you I havent laughed so much in a while…his videos are hilarious and his little side notes and speech marks are genius. My abs are still hurting and because Mr Smiletone had me creasin my stomach muscles are hurting even more…lets hope they stop by tomorrow. So below is Smiletones Top 10 Uplifting Songs, some of the songs are a bit iffy but as I said this is HIS choice…I may do one for myself in the near future as I’m always struggling for something worth writing…enjoy…

I love him and am now cyber stalking him on YT, Twitter and Tumblr!! You can do the same, links below:

As I have been tweeting today about my abs still hurting, I got some advice from my personal trainer friend @zindamiddle he says it should stop by tomorrow and its just my body getting used to doing a good old workout. I am gonna give aerobics a go along with aqua-fit and Zumba!!! (along with yoga on saturdays of course)  So I can have a real mix up of my weekly activities…Time to get fit if I want that Stacey Dash Bod I was waffling on about a few weeks back…

Let me give myself some motivation…

Original Site

See Ya!! xxx


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