This Seasons Ins & Outs

So following suite of Jex In The City I thought I’d do my Ins and Outs for this season as I am a bit stuck on stuff to write through lack of inspiration and imagination. I am also slightly peeved by something that happened yesterday. Alas I’m just going to get on with things, keep myself to myself and concentrate on me and my princess. I feel like as of late there has been waaaaaay too much drama around me and I cant be asked to be dealing with it anymore.

That being said its On with my Ins and Outs…


I ♥ Pilates I have only been once so far after putting it off (for good reason) for two weeks. Now I wish I hadnt!! My instructor is on hols next week and the centre didnt get anyone to cover her so I have to wait for 2weeks kmt. I really enjoyed it though and now my abs, arms and legs are aching from the great 55min workout.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here has got me glued to my seat every night from 9pm…Gillian McKeith is a top actress! I just find her hilarious and extremely selfish. How can she tell Stacey she aint leaving cos she’s in contract kmrt if I was there I’d slap her bout she’s starvin me cos she’s in contract.

My Education, since September 14th I have become a real nerd when it comes to my studies. For the first time ever I am serious about my education and throughly enjoying it. My first exam is on 14th December and I’m pretty confident I’m going to pass! Yaay for meee!!

The Urban Decay Naked Pallette…Need I say more??

I have another addiction other than Lush…It’s H&M Kids, I swear to God I cant go to Enfield town without coming home with a big bag of clothes for my Princess…I swear I dont even get to treat myself!! Their clothes are amazing and so cheap!! I just love it, I think I may have to wear blinkers the next time I’m up there…

Im gonna look as slim and happy as this again :o)


As I said earlier I’m not into all the Dramas and I never have been, but as of late they seem to be around more than usual, I have one thing to say to you guys who love ah drama, Piss off over there with it!!!!

XFactor can piss right off!! Its so blatantly rigged, and what is the public dealing with?? WHY ON EARTH IS WAGNER STILL THERE?!?!?

I havent been Ravin in months…I cant say that I miss it, especially now that its cold. I get so bored, same music, same bad mind people, same hooligans that just want to fight over man or cos someone stepped on another’s foot. I’m not on it…but I do miss getting dressed up and looking pretty, where can I dress up and go out thats not ravin? (does that question even make sense?) any ideas?? This of course excludes Soca raves, I still ♥ them…


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