I feel an obsession coming on…

So I went to Liverpool Street today for a lovely lunch date with my mummy Reen, Aunty Rach, Lil Bro Raph and my Princess of course. We were treated to lovely Nandos mmmmmm.

As I got to the station I saw I had enough time to pop into Lush before my train left to take me home. BIG MISTAKE!! I’m now £28.55 down but its totally worth it. Lol Smiley Face (I hope, its all about trial and error really)

So ever since I bought part of my mums xmas pressie from Lush I have been secretly obsessed! Prowling the website making lists of things I want to try out , reading the latest edition of Lush Times cover to cover and yet again marking the things I want to try!! Saddo I know lol. I thought it would be beneficial if I became a lush convert when it came to my skin care, as my current face washes being Superdrugs Tea Tree line, makes my cheeks sore to the touch (No longer use it) and Dermalogica dries my damn face out. So I took my first step when I bought mums pressie, after reading a few blog reviews and treated myself to my new cleanser.

Angels on Bare Skin

Lush says:

“Angels on Bare Skin is the Lush version of an expensive medieval skincare recipie. Rare, precious essential oils were first brought to Europe by the crusaders who encountered Arabian medicine. The classics are the best. Rose oil and lavender were discovered to do wonderful things for the skin, too, while the gentle exfoliation of the almonds help to keep the skin clear and improve the texture of the skin.”

I have been using it for about a week now and I have really fallen in love with this product. My face feels amazingly clean once I’ve used it, super happy because my face was in need of a good wash. It’s been kind to me so far as I have sensitive skin and the almond bits make for a great scrub. I read that most people had a problem with making the paste into the milk, I’m ok with this only a few bits drop out my hand in the process. I don’t particularly like the smell; it reminds me a bit of an old lady but it’s such 
a good face wash I got over it pretty quickly.

So instore today I went a bit nuts reeling off the products from my list to the sales assistant, who practically pounced on me the second the first two wheels of the pram touched the shop floor. They really should hold back a bit its off putting, she reminded me of a cat pouncing the second she saw her prey. She’s lucky I was in a good mood and excited to buy. So what did I buy today?

Vanishing Cream (well it was next on my list)

Lush says:

“Vanishing Cream is low in fat and comes from the early days of the company. If you have acne, oily skin, spots on your T-zone, you could use a pot of our vanishing cream. It’s light as a feather and sinks into the skin. Finely balanced moisturiser. There’s no cocoa butter; instead, we use shea butter and deeply softening linseed gel, with low-fat camellia, grape seed and jojoba oils. If you’d like a balancing moisturiser that keeps your skin clear with lavender, neroli and geranium essential oils, then walk this way.”

I have yet to try this product but put a bit on my hand in the shop and liked the way it sunk into my skin quickly without a heavy feeling.

Catastrophe Cosmetic

Lush says:

“The antioxidant blueberries, cleansing talc and soothing calamine stops spots before they become a problem.”

The SA told me Oatifix would be too oily for my skin so recommended either this or Love Lettuce, I went for this one, I wasn’t too keen on the green stuff on my face BBM Sick Face I can only keep this for 3 weeks and only bought the mini tub, hopefully I get 3 uses out of it. I think it’s great it has such a short shelf life as it will get me into the routine I need to get my skin looking radiant!

A Breath of Fresh Air

Lush says:

“A gentle spray of A Breath of Fresh Air refreshes you when you need it the most and brings all the nutrients of the sea to your skin directly.”

The SA said that this toner would probably work best for me as my skin doesn’t agree with anything off a Tea tree and that is the main ingredient of the other toner she recommended me.

Grease Lightening

Lush says:

“Super effective, spot-zapping face gel with aloe and witch hazel. The thyme, tea tree and rosemary antibacterial infusion dries invisibly and you can feel the with hazel shrinking mini-volcanoes.”

This is the only product I have bought with Tea Tree in it, I just had to have this product as I am sick of spots!!! Hopefully its not too harsh and I can use it everyday for the rest of my life…only one way to find out…

I look forward to using these products and seeing the results on my skin, good or bad…review to come soon…I may make a dedicated page to lush with my shopping list :o)

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