Rewind Thursday…

Hello World…

Please excuse my absence from chattin shit on my blog…I haven’t really had anything to say recently and feel uninspired to write about anything. With that and both me and Jaelyn having a cold (mines not so bad, but feel a sore throat coming along) I just don’t feel like writing. I went back to college this week after my one-week break what a let down to the second half of term that was. First off I was late because the cruddy W6 that usually runs smoothly was late. Then the driver decided he wasn’t going far enough to take us to college, only to turn around 5mins later claiming he will…My college is only a 5 min drive from where you were originally terminating…why didn’t you just go there in the first place?! So I reach my classroom 10mins late walk in only to feel that stalkers eyes on me, Fuck sake let me sit down and get comfy in my seat before you start glaring! But then again he’s gone 2weeks without seeing me; he must have missed such a beautiful view. I sat in my seat my test is handed to me…oh dear…im still half asleep, haven’t revised and am not confident at all…I can honestly say this test was the complete opposite of my first, I will get my results next week.

Why is he still watching me???? Anybody that is on my BBM or follow me on Twitter will know how aggravated I was getting by this boys ugly eyes on me. ALL FUCKIN DAY!! I even glared back at him and asked him “what?” and do you know what the fassyhole done? He covered his eyes like a one year old and continued to peek through his fingers…I’m sorry was he trying to be cute? Did he think if he covered his eyes I wouldn’t be able to see him anymore as if he magically disappeared? Or maybe he wanted to play peek-a-boo…either way I kissed my teeth and faced the board.

I have started my Xmas shopping as I am hoping to do everything online I thought I would get it out of the way early and I’m taking a trip to Bicester Village this weekend that should be nice. Part of the Xmas shopping was some products from LUSH, I have never purchased anything from them before (mostly because of the invasive waft of their products as I walk past their stores-that’s just a headache waiting to happen) but I am really excited to see what they are like after reading reviews etc. I got a few bath melts for my mum and a cleanser for myself. As my skin has totally changed after having Jaelyn my trustee Dermalogica is too harsh for my skin so I will try out the LUSH Angels On Bare Skin cleanser…after about a month I will let you know what I think…

I still need a moisturiser though and was thinking of getting LUSH Vanishing Cream, I might get it next week.

You can buy Lush products by clicking Here

I’m a bit lonely at the moment, as Dwane has gone off on adventures in New York until Christmas Eve! I know a long time right! Alas I have spoken to him everyday so far with a few Video calls in between so im sure I will be OK. If not you will be the first to know! Follow Dwane and his adventures on his dedicated Blog page A New York Moment I’m sure its going to be full of madness!

He hasnt written much yet but go to his latest post by clinking the link in my Blog Roll over there ————->

I really need to read more can you believe I am still on Eclipse!! I solemnly swear to finish it by the end of the month, if I manage to do it in the next 2 weeks I will be most pleased with myself!!!

Tomorrow is Bonfire night; I have no plans, what are yours? I need ideas!!


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