I have been completely slacking with the blog posts this half term week. Why?? I have no clue, I have barely left the house…I was supposed to be seeing family this week but again I havent left…REAL lazy week…

Last Friday was Inset day so I had to look after the monster I have the pleasure calling my little brother, him as well as Jaelyn is a headache! We journeyed to Holloway to pick up his Birthday present, he chose a Skateboard from Argos which he now is a bit apprehensive to use because he fell and buss he tail in the front room! While we were in there I was going to pick up Just Dance 2 but saw it cheaper in Tescos, so went round the corner to Morrissons and got it nice and cheap in there!! We raced home, met mum on the bus by chance and played the game for most of the night!! I LOVE IT!!! its such a great and fun work out!

My fave song of the game- Satisfaction…Just think of Terry Crews dancing with the glow sticks in White Chicks…yea that song!!!

And look now they have duets!!! This is some fake Kriss Kross cover with Jump Jump…

Sunday was Marlon’s 6th Birthday he had a lovely day and was posin nuff in pictures! I dont know where he gets it from!

Yesterday I took Jaelyn and Marlon to Sing & Play around the corner from my house, she loved it as usual, playing with the kids and painting!!

My cousin Rhianna aka Babiflame Photography also came to visit me, of course Just Dance 2 came out and we played for an hour or two…later in the evening mum took me, Marley and Jaelyn to Pizza Hut for dinner. I had cookie dough for dessert mmmmmmmm

Fast forward to today…

★ I’ve been in all day…My cousins Candice & Courtney came to visit me…
☆ Caught up on Emmerdale! Glad the cow finally confessed!
★ After searching high and low, I found the Urban Decay Naked Palette for reasonable prices on ebay. I bid yesterday and lost (awwww, sad face) but God was on my side he had better things waiting for me!! I bid again today and I WON!!! £27.00 I’m super happs £10 cheaper than yesterdays one and p&p is cheaper, its being posted tomorrow!!!  GET IN!!!!! yaaaaaaay Natural smokey eyes here we come!

☆ I’m still currently reading Eclipse i’ve been on this book since maybe April, why havent I finished it yet??? I need to get a move on I want to finish Breaking Dawn before the first instalment of the film comes out.


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