I have turned into one of the least fashionable people ever…I know what looks nice but never go to wear the pieces myself or I buy it and it doesn’t ever leave my wardrobe. Either way im always in my jeans and plain top combo…so in the process of trying to dress differently i gave my jeans and plain top combo a new kick…with a shirt!!!! *Da Dan Daaaaaaaaaaaaaa*

Where I Got The Goods…

★ Shirt H&M £7.99
☆ Black Vest Topshop (years ago)
★ Harem Jeans H&M £15.99
☆ White Pumps Primark £2.50
As she looked sooo cute I had to do one for Jaelyn as well!! Dressed in orange from head to toe!!! She’s a giant Tangerine…
★ Jaelyn’s whole outfit was bought in Florida.
☆ The tracksuit a few years back, it used to be Marlon’s I thought it was too nice to give away.
★ The trainers are from Adidas and were on sale for $15 (I think)
Thats my first OOTD and its the last time your going to see jeans on there, you’re also going to see FOTD/FOTN when I make my self look extra pretty for whatever reason and NOTW when i want to share a nice nail colour with you.

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