This post is coming up a day late as I was trying my hand at using Gimp on my Macbook, gosh that programme confuses me! Ironic I use a photo editing software with the same name Papi refers to me as on a regular basis…Any who…I have been snooping on other blogs and got some good ideas for my own, firstly it was to move home. As I said before WordPress was waaaaaaaaay to serious for me and I couldn’t add extras to my page etc. Another was the type of posts I can do after looking at Zoella‘s blog I  was inspired to share my day (well the semi eventful or informative ones) with you and as i’m trying to dress differently why not do and OOTD (Outfit of The Day) post. That way I can show you my lovely new wardrobe thanks to my personal stylist and best friend Krystal and online stylist xPPinkx. They both have great style and are in turn are gonna have me dressed to break necks as I walk past!

Right so I’m recapping on my Tuesday…

★ Had a mini test in Costing that was at Exam level…Passed!! Whoop Whoop Go Me!!!
☆ The ignorant persistent boy aka the stalker wasn’t in today. Thank God! I really wasn’t in the mood for him at all especially as I’m lacking in sleep!! His backside would have got cussed out from the time he opened his mouth with any fuckery…
★ Scratch, scratch
☆ As Christmas is near all the kids have decided to make a dish for the family dinner, as i’m not THE greatest chef and shy away from cooking im going to bake…just gotta pick some good desserts!
★ Scratch, Scratch
☆ The weather pissed me off today soaked right through my pumps had freezing cold feet all evening!!
★ Scratch, Scratch, bang! Boof! There is a fuckin squirrel YES a Squirrel aka Super Rat running riot under my bath! The fucker broke in by following the pipes and now torments me every night. My Grandad and mum blocked the entrance yesterday but I’m sure they have blocked him in the house…kmt…I’ve decided to name him…his name is Neeko. Papi has bought some traps for it just waiting on delivery *evil grin*

Thats all I can remember that was semi interesting about my day


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