Rant about Leggins…

I know I done a post not too long ago ft Andrea’s Choice about how to wear leggings, but walking in Wood Green today my mum and I were appalled by the sites in front of us.

Offence No 1.

This Black girl was walking down the high road in Jeggins with VPL!! Please if your gonna wear full knickers with skin tight jeggins (the cheap ones) and a short top you have to make sure your choice of knickers is on point…check the mirror before you leave the yard!

Offence No 2.

Now I let this girl off because shes quite young and doesnt know any better around 13 i think…but she aswell had cheap jeggins on and her jacket half way up her back and no long top…shes lucky she didnt have a big bum so it didnt look too bad, that brings me to …

Offence No. 3

My girl had the biggest bum ever and a slight belly to match, leggins and a short top! It was not a pleasant sight seeing  EVERYTING rollin like dat! ergh!! If you have a BIG bum and you a bit on the big side its probably best you leave the leggins and crop tops to the more slim chicks.

Offence No. 4

This bigish girl in Primark…Who told her to bend down, firstly her top didnt quite cover her bum, she tried and failed, but when she bent down I nearly collapsed…I could see everything and when she stood up it was evident she was either wearing no knickers or a thong…she needs to do some serious bum lifts it was NOT a pretty site.

Im all for fashion and expressing ones self and personality so by all means go for bolds, prints, jeggings, treggings or the normal leggings but PLEASE make sure you look good while doing it!

That is all…



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