Day 14…

A picture of me and my family. As my family is soo big! Your getting a few xx

1st a couple pics from back in the day!
L-R Candice (cus), Lauren (cus), Elliott (cus) & Me
Back Row L-R: Aunty & Mum Front Row L-W: Candice (cus), Me, Elliott (cus), Dad, Lauren (cus) & Nana
These are my closest cousin’s, My other mummy aka Aunty Monica and my lovely Nana…I see them at least 3 times a week Love them to bits they are the best friends you can ask for, sooo much fun and hilarious, cheeks always hurt when im around them.
L-R Lauren, Candice & Me

Elliott & Jaelyn

My Fave Pic of Courtney and Marlon

This is my lil bro Marlon! Hes only 5 but we argue like me and him are same age!! He drives me mad but I gotta love him he does make me crack up secretly…just gotta teach him some rarss manners!!

My lovely lil Bro and Sis, Antoine & Taylor! Nutters!! SNM

My Beautiful Big Sis Nicole!

Me & My Sis

Below is a pic of all 4 of us taken a few years ago by our photographer uncle Daron Osbourne…Look how lil Taylor is awwwwwwww! Im sorry I had to add these, Nicole gave me THE MOST jokes we couldn’t stop laughing…

Whats that smell???….Nic found it!!!”

Nic Having Her Fit

Me & T Cant Stop Crackin Up

The Original Photo

My Gorgeous little Sister Casey and My other Nan…(wait I havent spoken to Casey in a week let me BBM her)

Casey & Nan

Me & Big Head, Mini Big Head decided to look down…this was taken on her 1st bday :o)

We got her! (Dont watch her clothes it got chilly, and someone Dwane left her cardigan at home!!) *Im only kidding it was me, Dont Judge Me*

Me and my mummy!

My Daddy ❤ (I would rotate but it means i have to delete the pic, save the pic again on the lappy and upload again)

I also have a baby brother called Raphael but he’s so young and not mine, I dont have permission to be lacing his pics on the world wide web. My family is the ultimate dysfunctional family but I wouldn’t change them for the world! Love you all to bits



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