Woiiiii Watch bumper nah?!?!?!?!?!

Seriously who said she can get away with these leggings???

*Side Note: OH DPMO!!! As I showed this pic to my mum I just realised the leggings are being held up by suspenders!!! I’m DYING!!! DWL*

Which brings me to my next point…please, please, please…if you are a fan of leggings make sure you wear them correctly. If your out of shape you CANNOT wear them as trousers, look in the mirror, if your belly has been cut in half and it now looks like you have two stomaches guess what you need a bigger size and dont even think about pairing it with a short top! Im sick of seeing girls walking around with short tops and leggings and they dont have the bod to pull it off, I suggest you stick to long top…also make sure they are opaque and the proper leggins material NOT TIGHTS!! The amount of girls i see rollin around London in tights with their bright pink knickers showning through baffles me…again didnt you look in the mirror before you left the house?? And your friends, you cant call them friends if they are letting you roll around like that. Also make sure you havent got VPL, I dont need to see how big your granny panties are…Below is a very gorgeous girl called AndreasChoice, who recently made a vid of how to wear leggings, I agree with some of her points, not keen on her comment about animal print and bright colours and certainly dont get the family name shame subject…but anyway enjoy! :o) xoxo


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