Day 13…

Yea I missed out Day 12 cos the question was shit…

A letter to someone who has hurt me recentley…

Dear You,

It came out of no where…I was happily sleeping maybe even enjoying a dream (I dont know I cant remember). BAM. My face was sore, I grabbed my face in pain, rubbing my nose and eye. I dont think I can have you sleeping in my bed anymore your actually quite dangerous. This isn’t the first time either…At the age of 1 your foot/leg is strong you could have broken my nose!! This is a letter to you my Jaelyn you really hurt me, I can only hope that you dont do it again as you dont know how to read yet.

Love you, your sleeping in your bed tonight

Love mummy


I never receive any letters just Bills, bills, bills…it would be nice to get one every once in a while…


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