Hitting the G-Y-M!!!

So i’ve finally decided to stop talking and start walking when it comes to this whole gym thing…I swear ive been saying im going to join since spring and up to now I still havent picked up an application form. *Marteen rolls eyes* So why the sudden urge I hear you ask…

It has been brought to my attention that I no longer look after myself the way I should, something as simple as doing my hair seems to be a chore so most days it gets flung back in a  pony and dun…and that teamed with NO make up and a shitty Jeans based wardrobe is NOT A GOOD LOOK!!! I brushed off the comment the first time i heard it blaming lack of time or personal space from my now 1 year old, but there is only so much blaming you can do (However I will say in my defence part of the reason was lack of childcare, but I have found a way around that now). Now I’m simply lazy and stuck in my ways. It doesnt help that i eat like a fuckin gannet either, and now have pudge on my belly bigger than after i gave birth…again NOT A GOOD LOOK!!

Now anybody that knows me well would know that doing this for myself doesnt get my ass in gear, nope if it did spring time would have been epic with the “working on the summer body” FB and Twitter status updates…NO to get my ass in gear im doing it to please someone else, give them a little eye candy so their eyes dont roam elsewhere…and i have the perfect body to aspire to, shiiiit ive already got the back off (apparantley) so im already half way there! I give you Miss Stacey Dash!! *Whoop Whoop, cheers and a round of applause*

I didnt like white lingerie until I saw this...gotta go get me some!
My bum looks like that *tee-hee* minus the airbrushing

She is so beautiful at the age of 4o something i think its 43 cant be asked to google it…she doesn’t look a day older than when i saw her in Clueless.

So My journey to a Stacey Dash bod will begin this weekend when I pick up my application form and pick up my concession card…yea i’m on benefits i get everything cheaper (Get In!!). I’ve chosen the 3 classes I want to do every week, Pilates on Monday, Legs Bums & Tums on Wednesday and Yoga (I seriously need to de-stress) on Saturday. I look forward to this as I feel it will revitalise me and get me out of this sluggish mode im in. In the mean time im working on a new age appropriate wardrobe as i currently look 16 in my current uniform (jeans&top combo) and I dont want to be mistaken for my mans lil sis when im walking down the road…once again NOT A GOOD LOOK!!!

For all you silly people worried “ahh you should be doing this for yourself, not for no man” Answer simply is I AM, he is just my encouragement…for you that are saying “everyones bodies are different, yours may not look like that blah blah blah” I know im not 12 Im just giving an example of the sexy body YOU will be hatin on when im walking past your fat asses!! (I kid, I kid) but yeah Im not 12 im fully aware of what, why, where, how and when im doing this.

Thanks for reading feel free to comment, I will keep you posted on my progress maybe through vlogs etc I was told I should try and make one for something new to do so that can be an option….and if anyone wants to help me think of a way I can convince my bf to eventually let me (as in pay) for a boob job contact me asap the wearing of his nerves has to start from now so he gives in sooner!!! lmao I kid, I kid *Marteen grins*



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