Girls come and see my Va-jay-jay lmfao

So for all of you that saw my status and tweets I’m not kidding!! This has got to be one of the funniest vids i’ve come across in a loooong time and the joke is I dont know if she is being serious or not!!

Last night while talking to my bubby on the phone I could hear this random “song playing in his background. Baffed and confused as to what it was and hearing him saying “WTF” repeatedly,  he sent me the link. WELL! I couldn’t stop laughing!!! What the hell has this boy got me watching??? He even told me not to laugh so hard before I wake his child, I couldn’t believe my eyes!!

Have a look for yourself She has 14,850 YouTube hits MajelaZeZeDiamond with MY WET HORNY VAGINA!!! (She’s even put the words there for you to sing along!)

While snooping around I found a craze called “Queen of Lesbians” people singing this one song, or posting their responses while watching the original video. I clicked the link for the original so why is it i find myself back on this same said woman’s page?!?! ITS HER WHO STARTED IT!!!

You see her graduation pic in the background?? She mussee graduate from the University of Vagina!

But I noticed she doesnt mention Queen of Lesbians so I snooped some more and found this young girl in her bikini singing!! People even have it on their iPods…

I love this vid lol someones Mum singing it!!



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