A Week In Hospital Can Take It Out of Ya…Thanks Guys!!

I’ve spent the past week in hospital, it wasn’t nice at all…I’m sure i can still smell the hospital smell…I had what they thought was meningitis turned out to be an upper respirtary tract infection. *Tut* I had headaches, sore throat, earache, throwin up kmt it was horrible!!!

I would just like to thank everyone who came to see me and keep me company while I was confined to my bed surrounded by old women for the week. Especially Candice who drove up & down with me on the Monday to the doctors and kept me company in A&E for HOURS while running after Madame Jaelyn…Dwane & Damien also for coming to keep us company that night too and kept me smiling even though Damien insisted on teasing me about my hair! I will get you back Shammie!!! Thank you Aunty & Lauren for coming to get me on Wednesday and also sitting in A&E with me and Lolo stayed with me ALL day into di night!! Its much appreciated I dont think I would have survived had it not been for you guys and your patience. Thank you to all my other visitors who came after a long hard day at work and school. I would list but it is quite a long one lol you all know who u are!!!


I will now get back to my 30 day project and posts as normal…


Caramel are BACK!! Card Declined!!

KG & Marston have done it again Make sure you watch it is JOKES!!!!

Be Sure to click on the YouTube Vids tab to see their other video “Chicken Wings” or in fact just click >Here<


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