Day 8

Short term goals for this month and why…

  • Start College!! I need to feed my brain with knowlegde, a year of doing nothing is taking its toll on me, i feel like im thick as two planks and believe its starting to show. I can just about form sentences and get called GIMP maybe 25 times in one day…lol…Oh and it will start my baby steps to becoming a qualified accountant *Smiley face*
  • Get a JOB!– This is a must, probs wont happen this month but I am in the process of looking, again its to feed my brain, keep me active etc and the extra cash would go down a treat!!!
  • Start looking for housing– I need my own space now simples…
  • Paint my nails! (maybe that orange colour i was meant to do for carni)

I think thats it…another dry post!!!

As this is soooooo dry lol I thought I’d add some pics of what I dont know i’m just going to randomly pick something…

Race 4 Life 2010

Me, My Mum, My Aunty, My Cousins and JaeJae of course done the Race For Life to raise money for Cancer Research although I didn’t get round to asking anyone for sponsorship money, everyone else did…I was just happy to speed walk and know that i can do it. Next year im going to train and jog instead *Grin*

Thats My Cus’ Rhianna (Blue) and Candice (Pink), They were my walking buddies we even chipped a bit to D.Tee’s Island Boy Vol 1 mix cd lmao

We raced for life for my Step Nan Hazel, Auntie Sheila and very close family friend Anella. It was great even Jaelyn got a medal lol, I cant wait for next year!


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