R.I.P Aaliyah Dana Houghton

I was thinking of doing a tribute post to Aaliyah today but woke up to see a number of blogs had already beat me to it so I changed my mind. Instead I went over to YouTube and watched the last music video she ever made, i felt very cold watching it and found myself crying my eyes out just the same as I did 9 years ago today. With that I decided to go ahead and write it.

Aaliyah Dana Houghton born 16th January 1979 sadly passed away after a tragic plane crash on 25th August 2001 aged 22, that’s a year younger than I am. I remember the day clearly I was in the car, just reached West London where the BT tower is. Dressed up in my carnival costume on my way to get on bad at the age of 14 (lol) listening to Choice FM when the news reporter announced it. My heart sunk, I couldn’t speak or stop the tears flooding, I just remember looking in the sky for the rest of the journey crying to my self, my idol and biggest role model had gone and left me, the world and the music industry with a hole they will never be able to fill. I remember for the week after I listened to the news hoping it was lies and a dirty rumour, until I heard again on Choice the dj announce Aaliyah’s Rock The Boat single. I stood in my kitchen bawling, cursing the video that took my angel. Up to this day can’t listen to that song without getting teary eyed.

Watch Aaliyah’s final video Rock The Boat

Although Aaliyah was young when she died she had an amazing career, she was signed to Jive Records and Blackground ¬†Records by the age of 12, and her debut album Age Aint Nothin But A Number sold 3 million copies in the US alone! After Allegations of an illegal marriage to R.Kelly she left Jive and signed to Atlantic Records. Here she released the album One In A Million which again sold 3 million in the US and 8 million worldwide. She released her third and final album Aaliyah in 2001. As well as music Aaliyah made her film debut in Romeo Must Die where she starred alongside Jet Li and DMX, and also had a feature role in Queen of The Dammed. Aaliyah has had estimated album sales of between 24 and 32 million copies worldwide for this she has been credited for redefining the world of R&B and Hip Hop thus earning the title of “Princess of R&B”.

I really wanted to be like Aaliyah when I was younger, I wanted to dress like her, have hair like her, sing like her, everything! I live with her music on repeat and never get bored, her music touches me and brings me back to my childhood dancing in my front room with some baggy trackies and my top tied up to show my midriff (not flat at all). The anniversary of Aaliyah’s death has me upset today and I have come to realise she is MY equivalent to Michael Jackson and I truly miss her, I cant help but wonder what the music industry would be like if she was still alive. Would music have taken the direction its gone? what fashion labels would she be into? would she have ever dropped her boyish image for good? we can only wonder…

Aaliyah you were missed, you are missed, and you always will be missed. You will live on forever in your music. Love You Forever Marteen xxx

A Few of my fave Aaliyah Vids

OK this isn’t a vid but its one of my fave songs of ALL TIME. I Dont Wanna

We Need A Resolution

4 Page Letter

One In A Million

I love this version of the song!! Hot Like Fire


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