Day 4…

A bad habit I wish I didnt have…

I have been told that my worst habit is not speaking about my feelings etc and not speaking when im faced with confrontation. Its not that I dont know how to stand up for myself, its actually quite the opposite but I have been this way since i was little. It’s really annoying I forget what I want to say and most of the time I cant even think to string a sentence together. Other times I may just be too angry to speak at the time and think its best to calm down and deal with the situation later. This only happens with issues with certain people where I would prefer a happy and peaceful life and in turn I keep things bottled up inside. I know this isn’t healthy for me as I have had some explosive angry outbursts with both my mum, dad and a few other family members. It’s only a matter of time before the next outburst. Whilst in my current relationship i have tried to open up more and it worked for a while until saying how i felt backfired and led to unnecessary arguments, so I have kinda gone back into my shell. I plan to work on it as I have a little one now and I dont want this behaviour to pass onto her.


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