A Day In The Life…

Today as I sit on my bed listening to Vinny Ranks and D.Tee on Bakahnal Radio I reminisce on the AMAZING costumes I witnessed at the Splash Carnival Gala yesterday and the maaad weekend ahead. (Hearts racing, D.Tee is playing my riddim!! I cant breath!)

Alexandra Palace was alive yesterday afternoon with the sound of Soca, the adult Kings, Queens, male and female individuals strut their stuff on stage showing off their costumes and their bands creative flair. I was blown away by some of the costumes Mahogany and Genesis were among my favourites but M2K were BREATHTAKING! I literally stopped breathing when I saw the beauties that came on stage, and the tribute to Nana Shakes (a dearly loved member of M2K and my friends nan who sadly passed away earlier this year) was so touching, I didn’t know her personally but I was so moved by the tribute I was teary eyed. Well done to my boys Ricky and Theo Shakes their costumes are off the sheezy as usual and look super heavy Good luck for the 2 days of Carnival! Today is the kiddies turn to take centre stage and the reveal of the winners. I would have gone but I chose to spend the day with my family at my Nanas instead. As M2K are not competing this year I am rooting for either Genesis or Mahogany, Good Luck!!!

Now me and my cus’ are in talks for the weekend ahead, CARNIVAL!! Time to take out the pum pum shorts, colourful false eyelashes and comfortable footwear. I cant wait the weekend will start on Saturday night for me at OH Gosh!! with performances from Blaxx and Bunji Garlin, at Tudor Rose. I’m so excited, its the greatest start to the carnival weekend. Sunday we, The Pressure Whiners will be jumping up with Cocoyea and trying to sneak into Chocolate City, I love the messy chocolate stuff, its so fun! Monday we are with Cocoyea again, running around to all the bands and taking loads of pics, look out for future carnival posts.

Some Pics from previous Carnivals!!


May I just add that all the beautiful ladies you see before you are in fact my lovely cousins!! I              LOVE YOU ALL TO BITS!!! xxx


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