Public Service Announcement- DPMO!!!!

Today I received a BBM message from one of my younger cousins an aspiring freedom writer who goes my the name of Mamie LoLo…she usually sends them out maybe 2-3 times a week each with a positive and uplifting message that makes you think and feel that little bit better about yourself. Todays message was simple, and speaks in volumes as i have had to deal with people like this around me before and it irritates the fuck out of both of us hence the title DPMO (lol)! I copied the message word for word with her permission and have also created a LINK to her blog for you all to follow and leave your comments.

Please read on…

Public announcement so read on. Fellas if you or any of your boys constantly talk about what money you have to what clothes you own pay CLOSE attention please. Now I’m not sure if its just me but I find it one of the most distasteful, unattractive and completely annoying things when a guy talks about how much money he has and makes. Just stop it! It’s unnecessary and very young. You all claim you dont’t want gold diggers but you continue to show behaviours that will potentially attract one. And all this talk about your ensembles, starting from head to toe stating each and every brand name is pretty damn pathetic. It devalues the clothes and simply leaves you standing there ironically looking pretentious and cheap. GET A GRIP, it’s all becoming so repetitive and quite frankly i’ve had enough. Get some self confidence from within…and here’s one thing I will tell you for free, any female that finds that talk impressive is shallow, brain dead and should be of NO importance to your life.

Have a great day. Yours Truly Mamie LoLo! XxX

I really do agree with Mamie LoLo i find it to be one of the most unattractive things ever. Remember to click the link above and also take part in the poll and tell me if you agree. Oh…and be sure to pass the message onto anyone who you think needs the hint!!!

Take care xx


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